3D Object's Volume and Mass Calculator

This tool is designed for calculating volume and mass of 3D object in Blender 2.64+.

ARt DDs Volume and Mass Calc Interface

This script adds a “Volume & Mass Calc” Panel to the “Object Data” Tab below the “Custom Properties” Panel of the “Properties” Window.

The script calculates Volume and Mass of the Mesh of the selected Object in current Units. There is a “Material Density” Property for the Mass calculating: all you need is to input the real material's density into this field. You also will notice that in the “Custom Properties” Panel a new property named “density” appears.

To get correct results you have to make sure that target object's mesh is satisfy the following:

You can download script here. More info you will find in “Calculator” author's blog (in Russian). It is strongly recommended to keep its panel collapsed until you need it because it's calculations can dramatically slow Blender down.

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