What “ARt DDs” exactly is

ARt DDs is an auteur project by Alexander Zubkov, the director, screenwriter and VFx artist, with an unfailing support by Sergey Volodin, the director of photography, photographer and lighting designer. ARt DDs implements an idea of creating both high-quality and sensible video reels of different types and durations.

With this acronym author joins efforts of experienced specialists in video-craft to implement his projects or to help other studios and individuals in creating their big ideas' visualizations.

“ARt DDs” alphabet soup appeared in 2001 (so as the project itself did). Since that it's meaning was changed several times and now it is no point to expand it anyway. “ARt DDs” sounds a bit freaky maybe, but it is short and easy to memorize. The only thing that must be told about is the first word “ARt” is that first two letters here are upper cased not without a reason, and nobody never tried to call up any associations like „art“ (as the direct meaning of this word) — it is just a coincidence.

There are two words describing the most important princilpes, that ARt DDs' author and his confederates are defend. They are sense and quality: each video reel, regardless of its timing and orientation, must tell some story to the audience; and each video reel, regardless of time-frames and matters must be done at the highest quality level. Author repeatedly refuses to any customer or partner if their projects' terms and conditions are force ARt DDs project team not to follow that line. This is a question of responsibility which spreads among both sides, combined their efforts to create big things.

ARt DDs project Mission Statement is simple: «To tell stories. Interesting ones. Truly and magic. With neither politics nor lie that can be benefical to anyone». The inner meaning of it's existence is to help it's author and his associates in self-realization by implementing video-creating projects.