It it doesn't exist, never existed and never will.

Author believes that more or less accurate price-list can be made only for routine fabrication or for end product sales, when you know the cost of the stuff precisely. Otherwise it is usually a gradation of work types with maximum price for each element in list.

The cost of each project is alaways calulated after the final screenplay analysis, beacuse only that can discover the answers to the questions about the workgroup's members, time-frames and locations, techniques and equipment, and complexities of each activity within a project. In the end a customer gets real cost of the project without having necessity to pay any additional safety bid which is usually used for compensating tasks' ambiguities.

Anyway the questions of price and time-limits are natual and aren't the last from the very beginning. So during the preliminary talks after the problem definition and project's key features clarification the approximate price range and production duration estimates can be given.