Commencement of the collaboration

The goal of the “ARt DDs” project existence is producing and bringing to life different interesting videos. If you dream of creating some spectacular, meaningful video of the top quality, you’re probably at the page you need.

Where do we start?

The project’s workflow includes a number of stages, but first things first. Tell us about you and your idea. If you decide to use e-mail for this, please make sure that the answers on the topics below are present in the letter. If you are going to use phone or IM, please get ready to discuss them. That questions are really important, because your answers are the key for figuring out the outline of the project that you offer.

What is the reel’s goal?

It is the most important question — why does the video should exist? What is the purpose of it’s existence? The work cannot be started without having the answer on this question. If you are having trouble with formulating the goal, try to describe the situation, the reason why you need a video reel, and we’ll try to help you in the goal definition.

The Message

Te main idea that video must tell. It should be formed as a sentence, a phrase with the only one “and” within. The whole story from the beginning till the end is to make the audience to get this message, and get it right.

Depending on timing the screenplay may also contain a number of smaller stories and ideas, explaining and expanding the Message, but no any kind of “second message”. The message itself is always short and simple independently from the timing.

Phenomena, story, screenplay

Please, describe the phenomena that you wish to tell about — the more detailed description you provide, the sooner we estimate your project. Tell us about your product if you’d like to get the fantastic commercial; send us your song and it’s story if you want us to film the music video; and if you want to make the movie — tell us about your plot, characters, environment etc.

If you already have the full story or moreover the screenplay, send it!


The ways to communicate your video. Time of day and time of year. Media. All those things are really important for the task understanding. For example most people try to ignore TV Ads, but they watch YouTube videos very attentively pretty often.


If term of project creation does matter please write about it necessarily too.


tell us anything else, that you find useful — the more helpful information you give, the easier it will be to estimate the project. Tell about the special and visual effects that you’d like to be used in the video, suitable music, try to find some references.


Why one should become interested in your project? Tell us about it, describe your extraordinary project.

The author of “ARt DDs” project assemble together creative people first of all. That’s why most interesting, unusual, creative projects are of the highest priority. If team members can learn something new working on the project, it will be launched most likely. If this is your kind of project — say it! It could be the project of our dream!

What’s next?

When information is collected usually in three days we estimate the project and submit you an offer of collaboration, containing the ways to solve your task, budgets, deadlines etc. If we get the agreement we sign a treaty and bring the project to life.