Music video “Soldier ballad” editing and post-production

the Goal. To edit and make colour correction and VFx for the music video

This project was timed to the Great Victory Day on May 9 in 2015.


ARt DDs:
Video Editing and Post-production artist: Alexander Zubkov

TV show “Pereprava” (“Crossing”)
Author: Konstantin Starysh
Director: Natalia Anisimova

the Crew
Director of Photography: Alexander Zubkov (“Graf” studio, Tiraspol city)
Photographers: Dmitry Glykhenkij, Alexander Tizh
Actors: Sergey Vokulovsky, Maria Levikina

Special thanks to

Alla Antonovna Melnichuk for consulting
Anastasia Kolesnik for the make-up
Viktor Baltazhi for the stage sound, transportation and safety
uncle Alik for transportation