“Setevye Tehnologii” TV commercial

the Goal. Create TV commercial for the computer store

The main reel with two reminders under the slogan “He simply enjoys being here”.


Buyer: Konstantin Yudin
Director, Editor, Visual effects supervisor: Alexander Zubkov
Director of photography, Lighting designer: Sergey Volodin
Director's assistant, Buyer's double: Dmitry Frolov
Director of photography's assistang: Alina Ushakova
Project managers: Roman Andryanov, Ksenia Polozova
We also want to express ours very thanks to Sergey Zubkov for his help in working on this project!

Behind the scenes

Instead of writing lots of words and also because it is always better to see once than read thrice, we offer you to watch this short film.

In summer of 2007 we used minimal set of equipment with maximum productivity and creativity. There are a lot of things changed since that times (we engage more people for our projects, we use more complex hardwares and softwares), but the essence of process is unchanged. This footage especially helpful for acquaintance with the production stage of working with video.