“Schtern” windows commercial

the Goal. Create an anecdote commercial of the “Schtern” windows

Creating a kind of joke — was the one of the most complicated tasks for us: first because… that's window! Ok, there are few jokes about them, but they all are shown allready. The second problem is a human's sence of humor — one will find it funny, other — won't. So in the end after a many-many days passed we did this:


Girl: Elizavetta Vladimirova
Guy: Maxim Zavrin
Washer: Denis Davidov
Cafe visitors: Anastasia Demina, Christine Zolotareva, Dmitry Zolotarev, Elena Fathieva, Ludmila Sukhomlinova, Maria Lazareva, Natalia Zubkova, Sergey Zubkov, Vera Nikishova, Victoria Fathieva, Victoria Savelyeva

Screenwriter, Director, Editor, VFx artist: Alexander Zubkov
Story author, Art Assistant: Konstantin Yudin
Director of Photography, Lighting editor: Sergey Volodin
Music composer, Sound control supervisor: Alexander Balint
Artist: Nadezhda Zubkova
Set assistant: Anton Zhuravlev
Stylist: Julia Zubkova
Make-Up by Yaroslava Filatova
Hairdresser stylist: Natalya Melnikova
Videographer: Anatoly Burbela
Line producer: Oksana Demina
Project manager: Dmitry Frolov

We are very grateful to everyone, who supported us and helped to create this reel, and, of course, we are very thankful to our frends and families!

Behind the scenes

It took more than a month to write a screenplay. This story was chosen from over the 30 plots, presented to our customer. There were different kind of jokes about windows in each of them — they were about strength, acoustic opacity, knowing about... As a result the story about love to Schtern windows was chosen.

As soon as screenplay was stated two main questions were opened: whom and where we shoot? We had met with many candidates. First we tried to choose actors and actress from local theatres, then switched to fashion models.

Штерн кастинг

The most difficult was to find a guy to play Washer, but after a couple weeks of searches we finally found the man.

At the same time we were deciding where we shoot. The major criteria for the place, except that it must be a cafe, was a presence of large windows, needed to play a story right. We seemed to have visited almost all cafes and restaurants in our town, and in the end our “that-place-list” became very short. Finally we have chosen “the-that-place”:

Штерн локация

Then, after two weeks more spent on thorough preparations, that were include test shootings, repetitions, hardware tuning, solving administrative problems, making schedules, looking for extras, location management, etc. And then the day had approached. The most challenging for us was that it was one of the last days of november, which meant cold, wet snow and almost no sun. We've never done this before, so we took all our experience and knowledges, and started shootings:

Finally I should say a couple of words about soundworks: it took a bit more than two months to write a right music for this commercial. Music, that properly illustrates characters' mood, priorities and their changes. And I think we did it.