“Lipetskaya Rosinka” mineral water TV-spot

the Goal. To create a short informative TV Ad of the mineral water for showing in the new market regions

We had 15 seconds to tell the audience that this mineral water is extracted from the lake in the depth of the Earth. That lake occured a few tens of thousands years ago and for all this time it had been saturated with minerals. We also had to mention the key minerals in its composition and show the bottle so that the viewers could remember it and recognize it in markets later.

Aside from informativeness we tried it to be pretty.


CG, animation, compositing: Alexander Zubkov
Artist: Nadezda Zubkova
Voice: Anton Simkin
Sound producer: Alexander Balint

Music by Anthony Alexander — “Float On” (Anthony Scott Alexander, BMI)

Behind the scenes

The video is pretty simple, so the one-minute-length breakdown is pretty enough to illustrate the major aspects of this work.