“Master” soda commercials

the Goal. Create TV spot of drinks which made with “classical” methods of soda-making, and reflect their attractiveness for the people of different age and status

A full version of commercial.

TEACHER: You know… it's just like forty years ago…
GIRL: And when you open it, it sounds like this: psh-h-h…
SCIENTIST: Amazing quality! Surprising characteristics!
BARMAN: Classical taste — a sence of holiday.

Shorten, but extended in the end version — for using as a reminder.

And the jingle, that could be used as a part of this advertising campaign or independently.


Teacher: Michael Yanko (People's Artist of Russia)
Girl: Alyona Kordukova
Scientist: Dmitry Frolov
Barman: Artem Kondratov

Director, Editor, Visual effects supervisor: Alexander Zubkov
Director of photography, Lighting designer: Sergey Volodin
Composer: Alexander Korostelev
Screenplay by Alexander Zubkov, Oksana Demina
Dolly operator: Alexander Bezzubcev
Make-up by Veronica Lopatina
Artist: Nadezhda Zubkova
Project manager: Oksana Demina

We also got a great help from Alexey Demin, Svetlana Serafimovich, Oksana Tarasova, Tamara Royeva and Artem Kondratov in making this project; and that is why we want to thank them very much for their collaboration!

Behind the scenes

Conceptualizing is the first.

Togetrer with our client we chose the variant that formulated as “a number of TV spots where generalized characters tell about different properties of the drink like they speaking about something from their area; after that we show what this all was about — the drink in which everyone finds something for himself”.

Then scripting. 

We created three screenplays because we planned to make three different main spots with four stories in each one. From about thurty different stories we took twelve which were the most expressive in our opinion. Then we needed to arrange them correctly. The screenplay was literally cut into a pieces with the stories for more obviousness. Even in a lunchtime work was still continued, and as a result we got three final screenplays.

Screenplay cards

After their approval we began to prepare the process — preproduction stage: we were looking for the places where we could shoot the pictures that we were needed, the actors to play roles in this video, etc. At the same time our artist was drawing the storyboards — preliminary vesrion first and the final one after director's approval.

Storyboard Master

Since all preparations were finished, we started shootings. It took two days to do everything right: the barman and the teacher were shot in the first day, and other characters and bottle — in the second.


Postproduction then. The stage where we chose the things that we wanted from all that stuff that we shot. Then it all was edited, processed, cleaned-up and decorated… And in the end we got our picture!


Simultaneously with that process our composer was writing the score. Sound production was the last work at the postproduction stage.


The client was happy. We recorded all produced materials to DVDs which were sent to regional offices of the customer's company, and became happy too.