Longa — “From Dawn to Sunset” music video

the Goal. To create the music video film for the “Longa” band.

Currently the film is under heavy development, but for now the production team is ready to present you the first teaser.

And there's also the “Killing Myself” music video.

For more information about this project and the “Longa” band visit the “Longa” official website, and here you can track the project development status. Do stay in touch!


“Longa” band: Yana Apostol (vocalist), Alexander Balint (guitarist, arranger), Igor Kozak (arranger, sound producer), Alexander Dashko (drummer), Eugene Chromov (keyboard player)

Producer: Alexander Balint
Director, Editor: Alexander Zubkov
Director of Photography: Igor Levinsky
Photographer: Nicholas Ionashcu
Make-up Artist, Stylist: Anastasia Kolesnik
Caterer, Backstage manager: Oleg Okhrimenko
Sound equipment supervisor: Victor Kozhukhar
Organization manager, Safety technican: Maxim Berlyan
Special thanks for organization assistance for Dmitry Soin, the NDP “Proriv” leader