New Year's congratulatory TV spot for “Reklama Vezde” Ltd. 2009

the Goal. Create short congratulatory TV footage, based on existing audio-reel as soon as possible(!)

A short spot in which the New Year's symbol literally gives holiday as a present to the audience.


Author and creator: Alexander Zubkov
Voices: Sergey Makashov, Maria Menshikova
Sound control supervisor: Vadim Sorokin

Behind the scenes

To stat working on this project we had the radio spot concept only. As usually happens, when you need to do something very quickly, the idea that is born to perform your task looks less or more freaky.

In this case it was decided to make a reel, where the firtree's hand gives Christmas-tree toy to an audience.

We started from the “hand”. Since it was made we gave it a ball and suddenly it lookd well!

Chtistmas tree hand

Then we taught tree's hand to hold the ball.

Chtistmas tree hand holds the Ball

After a couple hours of practice it learnd to offer the ball to us. That was nice.

It took a few minutes to finalize the ball. And then we started working with the tree around the hand… It justified ours expectations not at once.

Chtistmas tree first approach

We experimented with the snow for a while, and after that it was time to do the lighting. When models of light blubs were finished and they became look like “raindrops”, we painted and “turned them on”.

Chtistmas tree render

And then everything went too fast and ordinary to tell something special about it here — just rendering, compositing and final rendering.