“Frutmotive” soda commercial

the Goal. Create a commercial of juce-based drinks

We started from the simple idea: “to show bottle's appearance in the shot in some unusual way…” That became this reel in the end.


Cook: Dun Yan

Screenwriter, Director, Editor, CG-artist, Vusial effects supervisor: Alexander Zubkov
Director of protography, Lighting editor: Sergey Volodin
Art-director, Choreographer: Konstantin Yudin
Artist, Set designer: Nadezhda Zubkova
Composer, Sound control supervisor: Alexander Balint
Line producer: Oksana Demina
Director's assistant: Daniil Tatujko

We are very grateful to Sergey Zubkov, Sergey Yudin, Sergey Shalenikh and Alexey Demin for their invaluable help while making this project, and also thanks to all, who believe and support us!

Behind the scenes

As usual, first of all we should write a scenario. After a couple of weeks we had about ten different screenplays, but no one that was really good. We started everything from the beginning, trying to find some simple idea that could help us to perform our task. In disscussions we agreed that we have to show bottle, that appears in some interesting, unusual way… Juice — fruits, water — ice… 

The decision was instant and unexpected. Our customer agreed with that idea, the screenplay was written almost immediately and the storyboard was made as well. 

Frutmotiv storyboard

According to our story we were needed in interior of Japanese restaurant. We nspected every single bar with Japanese cook in our town and didn't find anything suitable. Plan “B” was to do scenery. Our designer started working on the stage concept. First sketches were very promising.

Frutmotiv location concept

After adding a few details, colors, volume and lighting sketches became look great!

Frutmotiv location concept

At the same time some visual effects tests were running. The main thing that we sould try was liquid simulation.


Tests passed well, so the preproduction was continued normally.

Simultaneously with all these works we were rehearsing with our actor, been looking for properties to fill the stage and been making suit for our “cook”. It took a week to build the stage. All finishings were done in the place of shootings at the day before.

And finally producton wes started… then it was postproduction… We could write a lot of words about it, but we decided that it is better to see how we did id, rather than read about it. That is why we took our three months of production and postproduction and put them into a short reel, which is here.

In 2016 our customer asked to refresh this commercial and replace the bottle (it's design was significantly changed since 2010). All VFx was carefully remade to look better but keep the original feel. So you can see the new VFx breakdown in the video below: