“Frutmotive” soda commercial. Episode 2

the Goal. Create a commercial of juce-based drinks

This time we decided to show how it may feel to drink this soda in the middle of hot summer day instead of how it's made.


Girl: Maria Abramovich
Guy: Sergey Shershnev
Passerby: Alexander Pozhilikh

Screenwriter, Director, Editor, CG-artist, Vusial effects supervisor, Set designer: Alexander Zubkov
Director of protography, Lighting editor: Sergey Volodin
Art assistant: Konstantin Yudin
Artist: Nadezhda Zubkova
Composer, Sound control supervisor: Alexander Balint
Line producer: Oksana Demina
Stylist, make-up: Anna Kozlova
Director's assistant, stylist: Julia Zubkova

Special thanks to Lionel Zamouth for creating and supporting Octane Render unofficial Exporter

We are very grateful to Sergey Zubkov, Sergey Yudin, and Alexey Demin for their invaluable help while making this project, and also thanks to all, who still believes and supports us all these years!

Behind the scenes

This time we decided not to write too much text, but show and tell the story in a short "the Making Of" movie (there are subtitles for English-speaking friends!):