The drawing at the “Europa” shop TV announces

the Goal. To tell the audience that every buyer of the “Europa” shop has a chance to win the main prize — Citroen C4

Initially the task was to create one TV spot, announcing the drawing helding at the “Europa” shop. But when the idea “to show that main prize can be “found” by anyone anytime” appeared, we decided to put four people into such situation literally.






Girl at the parfume shop: Elena Kargashina
Girl at the bags shop: Yana Chernishova
Man at the watches shop: Roman Semyaninov
Man at the clothes shop: Rostislav Semenykhin

Producer, screenwriter, director, editor: Alexander Zubkov
Director of photography, lighting designer: Sergey Volodin
Stylist: Nadezhda Popova
Make-up artist: Yaroslava Filatova
Assistants: Julia Zubkova, Anton Zhuravlev, Ivan Zubkov
Videographer: Anatoly Burbela

Music: Bryan Steele “How You Play — Instrumental” (Bruno Steele Music, BMI)