“No. 1 Choice” promo-action TV spot

the Goal. Quickly create video reel for promotional campaign

The most wondering thing for us all is the fact that we made it just for 6 days and 19 hours passed from first discussion with customer to handing-over of the works…


Girl: Olga Danshina

Director, Editor, Visual effects by Alexander Zubkov
Director of photography, Lighting Designer: Sergey Volodin
Sound control supervisors: Alexander Balint, Sergey Titov
Line producer: Oksana Demina
Artist: Nadezhda Zubkova
Make-up: Katerina Zheleznyakova
Art director: Konstantin Yudin

We'd like to express very special thanks to Alexey Demin and Sergey Belykh for their help and support.