Showreel 2010-2014

This is the best video that can give you an idea about the “ARt DDs” video production.

“Digger Online” teaser

Full-CG online game teaser-trailer

“Frutmotive” soda commercial

One of our significant and most known projects

“Tanki Online” cinematic compositing

Creating the Look of the video game cinematic

“Frutmotive” soda commercial — 2

The sequel of the “Frutmotiv” commercial. And, of course, the “making of video.

Longa — “From Dawn to Sunset”

The first music video international experience

“Schtern” windows commercial

A 30 seconds commercial reel of “Shctern” windows, that was filmed in the late fall

Mineral water TV-spot

A full CG commercial

“Lipetskoye” ice cream TV spot

Full CG advertising

“Sweet Dream” Video Postproduction

Video postproduction for the video production project

The drawing at the “Europa” shop TV announces

The promo-action announce TV spot series

“Master” soda commercials

It was our first commercial TV spot, that was filmed and edited in full HD

“No. 1 Choice” promo-action TV spot

A short TV commercial of promotional campaign, which was created just for a week

Television film about soda drinks production

A short television film about modern techniques of production of “drinks in plastic bottles”

Television film about “plastic” windows production

A television film, that outlines how plastic windows are made today

“Setevye Tehnologii” (“Network Technologies”) TV commercial

The first live-action TV commercial by ARt DDs

A video presentation of “Electroapparat” Ltd. Enterprise

A television film about techniques, machinery and production process of the plant

“Zanzibar” music video

A music video that originated from the idea of having a good time

Barbecue sausages commercial

A TV spot of 20 seconds duration for meat-processing and packing factory “Chernishevy”

“Marchrut TV — Lipetsk” TV commercial

Animated graphics commercials, also known as “crazy buses” among the masses

New Year's congratulatory TV spot

A short spot in which the New Year's symbol literally gives holiday as a present to the audience

“Margarita” video jingle

A short TV spot of 10 seconds duration, based on the customer's radio jingle

A TV commercial for “Troyan” Ltd.

A short television commercial reel with low budget, which is based on a single visual effect

Metal forming machines production videofilm

The story covers full creation process of that machines: from components production to final assemblage, dyeing and adjustments

“Stalnoff” Plant video presentation

A short film about the plant: production process, technologies and management tips

“Limestone Park” reel

A video reel that shows limestone prodution for background demonstration at the firm's production exhibition

“1С” retail network commercial

Working on this television commercial forced the meeting of Alexander Zubkov and Sergey Volodin in 2006. That in turn marked the beginning of long productiove period of their “ARt DDs” collaboration